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Photos from our geocaching Field Day trip!

For Field Day, 34 of our grades 4-8 students went to Wilson Farm Park for some “high tech hide-and-seek” geocaching. We were very honored to be led by the most incredible geocacher we know: Mrs. Hoagie (Carolyn K.), Director, Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page!

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WARNING:  Parenting a gifted child may be hazardous to your (mental) health

Parenting is already a journey full of ups and downs, but gifted children do not always feel like a “gift” in terms of ease of raising them. Now, we have scientific proof that you’re not imagining the bumps and bends in the road that you’ve always known were there.

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Why Grayson?

Pennsylvania’s only independent, non-profit school created specifically for gifted learners in grades Pre-K through 8.


  • innovative, research-based curriculum
  • challenging academics and project-based learning
  • individualized pacing and enrichment
  • safe and nurturing environment.

We are passionate about developing  the unlimited potential of each of our students for endless possibilities in their lives.

Saturday and Summer Enrichment For All Gifted Learners in the Greater Philadelphia Region!

The Enrichment Center at The Grayson School offers unique courses for  high-ability learners from all school and homeschool settings. Our Saturday and summer enrichment programs feature an ever-changing selection of topics for gifted learners ages 5 to 14.

Courses give students a chance to think critically, ask and answer difficult questions, solve problems, and stretch their minds. Our courses are not meant to supersede any academic program, but to provide gifted kids with the chance to have fun and explore topics of interest with their intellectual peers.

See all our upcoming courses.