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How To Win When Summer Break Expectations Meet Reality

Ms. Fitzpatrick, our K-1 teacher found herself six weeks into summer break, needing to reset her expectations for a few projects around the house. She found an easy answer for helping to prioritize and plan the rest of break in a life lesson from her dad. Plus, the Fitzpatrick family shares a few favorites things they’ll be doing in August.

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Help your teen discover their gifted utopia

Gifted children shouldn’t be limited to dreaming up such places; they should all have access to a gifted utopia of their own, no matter where they are. Where it is fine to read Tolstoy because you want to, or to solve complicated math problems for fun, or where taking macroeconomics  is an ideal way to spend one’s vacation.  

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  • innovative, research-based curriculum
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We are passionate about developing  the unlimited potential of each of our students for endless possibilities in their lives.

Saturday and Summer Enrichment For All Gifted Learners in the Greater Philadelphia Region!

The Enrichment Center at The Grayson School offers unique courses for  high-ability learners from all school and homeschool settings. Our Saturday and summer enrichment programs feature an ever-changing selection of topics for gifted learners ages 5 to 14.

Courses give students a chance to think critically, ask and answer difficult questions, solve problems, and stretch their minds. Our courses are not meant to supersede any academic program, but to provide gifted kids with the chance to have fun and explore topics of interest with their intellectual peers.

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