Meeting the Needs of a Gifted Preschooler

Helpful Tips for Successful Trips with Your Gifted Child

3 Ways Improv Will Benefit Your Gifted Child

How to Engage Strong Executive Skills in Gifted Learners

Understanding & Supporting your Child’s EQ

Supporting & Encouraging Failure in the Classroom

Changing Perspectives: Are You A Gifted Myth-Buster?

Amazing Things Happen When You Find A Friend

The Importance of Psychosocial Development

If gifted children are constantly being recognized for their achievements, how do they react when they cannot solve a problem or they fail at something? Stephen Chou, a board director of SENG [...]

Keeping Gifted Children Interested

Sometimes, gifted children may seem uninterested in a topic because it is not challenging enough. This is why Beth Werrell, an author on Virtual Learning Connections, wrote an article with tips [...]

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