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gifted enrichment

The Grayson School is located in suburban Philadelphia and offers gifted enrichment courses of interest to all high-ability learners.  Our weekend and summer enrichment programs feature an ever-changing selection of  topics for students ages 5 to 16.

Our courses give students a chance to think critically, ask and answer difficult questions, solve problems, and stretch their minds. Our courses are not meant to supersede any academic program, but to provide gifted kids with the chance to have fun and explore topics of interest that may not be covered in their typical school day.

Gifted students from all schools and homeschool settings are welcome!

We offer extracurricular courses during the school year in addition to a summer camp program.  Our courses not only challenge gifted learners, but also provide them a chance to interact with their intellectual peers outside of school, and to make new friends.

For many gifted children, finding close friends can be difficult as they don’t always relate to kids at school or in their neighborhood.  If you want to learn more, see our recent blog post on the power of friendship.

Please browse our upcoming gifted enrichment courses.