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The Intrinsic Intensity Of The Gifted Child

A PBL Experiential Unit on World War I

Beware of Underachievement in Successful Students

Fire Prevention Week October 7-13, 2018

Just the Facts About Giftedness

How a picnic is based on facts about giftedness As we near the beginning of each school year, Grayson holds a family picnic so new students and families can meet returning families, allowing our [...]

Despite Me, My Gifted Child Still Persists

When my seven year old scored in the top 1% on the WISC IQ test, my life mission became to provide him with every gifted opportunity listed on Hoagies. I didn’t have time to helicopter parent, [...]

Is there such a thing as a gifted preschooler?

How To Win When Summer Break Expectations Meet Reality

Beyond Academics: 16 Soft Skills to Teach Gifted Students

Reflections on Parenting Profoundly Gifted Children: A (Most) Surprising Territory

A’s, B’s, and ZZZ’s: Sleep and the Middle- and High-School Brain

A layperson’s perspective on ADHD and the misdiagnosis of gifted brains

The Unique Vulnerability of Profoundly Gifted Children

Belly laugh alert: Pajama Day Improv Workshop

Our K-1 Class had a blast at their Improv workshop with Dr. Zakreski and Ms. O this week. One of the activities we did was build a story, “one word at a time,” with each student [...]

Meeting the Needs of a Gifted Preschooler

Geocaching in Wilson Farm Park

WARNING: Parenting A Gifted Child May Be Hazardous to Your (Mental) Health

Unpack these 4 Powerful Presentations on Giftedness

4 Important Insights on Giftedness from Across the World

Australian Gifted Educator Visits Grayson

Last week, Grayson welcomed Desilee Tate, a teacher of gifted K-6 students at Loreto Kirribilli, a girls’ school in Sydney, Australia.  Ms. Tate won a prestigious Churchill Fellowship to [...]

Back To School Night

Talking to your kids about devastating natural disasters

Research on the Gifted Brain and Violent Media

Parents are understandably and quite correctly concerned about what media their children consume; even though admittedly the television can provide a welcome and much-needed respite for parents, [...]

So Much Excitement in the Air

I find that we’ve been saying every variation of the word “excite” in the last few weeks, about a lot of different things: the incredible opportunities that have fallen into [...]

When did you learn the importance of resilience?

New School Lunch Program!

We are very excited to offer a delicious, organic, and locally-sourced daily lunch program  for the 2017-2018 school year from JPM Catering in Ardmore! We have explored many options based on the [...]

Create An Escape Room in the Classroom

Helpful Tips for Successful Trips with Your Gifted Child

Extending the Classroom Into the Community

How to help your overthinking gifted child

Kindergarten–1st Grade Chemistry Class

Mr. McDermott and Carter Recognized in Barnes & Noble Favorite Teacher Contest

#BeBoldForChange For Gifted Girls

Free Gifted Movie Tickets!

The Best Educational Experience for Gifted Learners

3 Ways Improv Will Benefit Your Gifted Child

Grayson Places 3rd in Sumdog Contest!

Congratulations to the 359 Delaware County students who answered 111,571 questions correctly in a Sumdog online math contest! Sumdog is an online math program for kids K-8 to build math fluency [...]

The Tremendous Benefits of Collaborative Learning

How to Engage Strong Executive Skills in Gifted Learners

Take Our Gifted Education Quiz!

An Astronaut Lands At Grayson!

Understanding & Supporting your Child’s EQ

Why It’s Important to Have Your Child Write

Supporting & Encouraging Failure in the Classroom

What in the World is a Gifted Underachiever?

Why is Academic Acceleration (Still) So Controversial?

Grayson is a Philly Stellar StartUps Finalist!

Year 2 First Day

Changing Perspectives: Are You A Gifted Myth-Buster?

We Are Growing!

Amazing Things Happen When You Find A Friend

How to Engage Your Gifted Reader

Gifted Project-based Learning Series: A Mission to Mars

Ally O’Rourke-Barrett – Belin-Blank Fellow

Ally O'Rourke-Barrett, as our families know, will wear many different hats at Grayson this year, much to our delight and benefit. No matter what task she has in front of her, however, it will be [...]

The Importance of Psychosocial Development

If gifted children are constantly being recognized for their achievements, how do they react when they cannot solve a problem or they fail at something? Stephen Chou, a board director of SENG [...]

Keeping Gifted Children Interested

Sometimes, gifted children may seem uninterested in a topic because it is not challenging enough. This is why Beth Werrell, an author on Virtual Learning Connections, wrote an article with tips [...]

Asynchronous Development

Many times, gifted children will act mature for their age one minute and then act immaturely the next. This can be a frustrating as a parent to know how to make sense of this. However, this tends [...]

How Parents Can Help Their Child Develop Organizational Skills

According to Dr. Ellen D. Fiedler, PhD. , organization is often something that gifted children seem to struggle with. Many times, this can lead to children getting frustrated with themselves or [...]

The Crucial Role of a Parent

At Grayson we are excited to be celebrating National Parenting Gifted Children Week! Parents deserve this recognition for all that they do to help their gifted children to excel and reach their [...]

Technology as a Tool for Gifted Education

Why are American schools slowing down so many bright children?

Jay Mathews’s June 21 column, “Why are American schools slowing down so many bright children?” echoes the question first asked in the seminal work of research on acceleration in [...]

Scholarships for Gifted Students

Gifted children’s families often struggle and sacrifice to find the money to pay for their children’s tuition to private schools. Although there are few scholarships specifically for gifted [...]

Content vs. Context: What are We Teaching?

Supporting Our Gifted Kids

Hello from sunny San Jose, California! We are so glad to be spending the weekend at the 2014 annual SENG Conference with parents, gifted adults and children, and educators of the gifted, to [...]

Gifted Kids Need Attention, Too

You may have already seen it, but over the weekend we were reading Dr. Jordan Ellenberg’s op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, “The Wrong Way to Treat Child Geniuses.” Its subtitle will provide you [...]

The Gift of a Friend

Is Online an Option?

As any parent trying to find programming for their gifted child knows, keeping a gifted child challenged can be more than a full-time job. Given that public gifted education in the United States [...]

TEDx Talks We Like

We wanted to share a couple TEDx Talks that we have enjoyed featuring the Davidson Institute for Talent Development in Reno, Nevada, a public gifted school that we love.

Considering “Underachievement” in Gifted Learners

Last week, we discussed the myth that “all children are gifted,” and how perpetuating this myth undercuts the real struggles that gifted learners face. At the beginning of this week, we had the [...]

The Myth That Hurts Gifted Learners

It’s true that all children are gifts. It’s true that all children have gifts and struggles. What is not true, however, is also a common myth that exemplifies one of the most fundamental [...]

When Gifted Students Aren’t Perfect

As the snow piles up outside, we are already thinking of sunshine: namely, the annual SENG Conference, this year being held in San Jose, CA, July 18-20. If you’re not familiar with them, [...]

Parents Can Make the Difference

Education Week recently highlighted the efforts of parents to see gifted programming funded for their children, particularly in the face of increasingly tight school budgets (Parents Press for [...]

“How Do You Raise a Prodigy?”

We recently read an article in the New York Times that we’ve been talking about ever since.  Andrew Solomon, a writer and lecturer on psychology, politics, and the arts, addressed in his the New [...]