Our Mission

The Grayson School will offer gifted children an individualized, accelerated education worthy of their intellect and their intrinsic desire to learn and think deeply. The Grayson School will be an important resource for the gifted education community in Philadelphia and nationwide.

Our Vision

The Grayson School values diversity, as an essential aspect of providing an optimal education for gifted students. Maintaining a diverse community across racial, ethnic, gender, religious, and socioeconomic dimensions is a priority. Grayson will maximize the benefits of that diversity through research-based curriculum and pedagogical strategies, and will integrate it into the foundation of the programming of The Grayson School. Through culturally responsive instruction and ongoing opportunities for interaction with diverse peers, both within school and the broader community, a Grayson education will promote the citizenship development, social awareness, complexity of thinking, and communication skills essential for our students to thrive in an increasingly multicultural nation and global economy.

At The Grayson School, we recognize that exceptional ability knows no boundaries, yet that inequitable access to resources may prevent gifted students who are disadvantaged from reaching their potential. Identifying and meeting the needs of such students is central to our mission.