We share this gratitude report with deep appreciation for your support

In a year of extraordinary challenges, your support made it possible for us to continue to provide an innovative, challenging, hands-on curriculum whether students were learning from home or at school. You helped us keep our community safe. You recognized the dedication and boundless creativity of our teachers. You kept us strong and connected.

Your donations allow us to fulfill our mission of providing endless possibilities for our students, and to make intentional choices rather than compromises. You are the engine that helps accelerate our continued growth in students, in curriculum, in technology, and in faculty. 

Thanks to you, we are preparing our students to be the next generation of innovative and empathetic problem solvers and changemakers.  

The impact of your investment

Fund-A-Need: Science EquipmentOur 2-3 students are on a Mission to Mars and are using their new light and temperature sensors to investigate how temperature varies as light intensity changes on the red planet. Their new heart rate sensors are also allowing them to chart and understand the optimal levels of exercise they will need in space!
Fund-A-Need: RoboticsYour generosity takes our robotics program to the next level with the Vex V5 robotics system. Our Upper School roboticists are putting engineering theory into practice, using these advanced tools to learn the mechanics of gears, pulleys, and levers, and to participate in worldwide robotics competitions.
Wrapping our teachers in supportWe are immensely grateful for our families and the Grayson Parent Association who generously contribute to the well-being of our teachers. Notes of appreciation, lunches and baked goods, personalized care packages, and in-person gatherings provide care and support throughout the year.
Miles of smiles for our BookmobileBeginning with virtual pre-assessments and customized book lists, our remote students received bi-weekly visits from our ersatz Librarian, Ms. Wurman. Our bookmobile traveled more than 1,300 miles delivering more than 3,500 books for students, their siblings, and even grandparents quarantining at home.
Sparking curiosity in gifted adultsWe often hear parents say, "I wish I could have gone to Grayson," and last winter Ms. O responded. Grayson parents joined her virtual classroom for an 8-week interactive simulation. Through gamified education, our parents explored one of the most important debates in history: the trial of Galileo.
Science from homeOur school van was also on the road delivering materials for projects classes, microscopes, rock tumblers, lab equipment and other supplies so that our remote students across all grade levels could complete assignments, participate in activities, and conduct experiments from home.
Achieving AccreditationAfter diligent preparation across our entire community, we were honored to be granted accreditation in May 2021 by the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools for ten years—an unprecedented term for a young school in their initial application year.
Student-driven electives and clubsThe flexibility, diversity, and volume of the electives & clubs you support provide students with choice in their school experience. As research suggests, cognitively & intellectually appropriate challenge and structured choice increases motivation, engagement, and sense of empowerment in gifted students.
Fund-A-Need: Physics Lab EquipmentYour donations provide our students with professional-grade tools used in modern digital labs. With their oscilloscope and signal generator, students are studying radio reception and how airwaves convert to sound waves; they are building antennas to detect reflections of these waves off of cars and airplanes to act as a passive radar detector.
Authentic experiencesPhiladelphia contemporary artist King Saladeen worked with Grayson students to design and create a 25-foot mural at the school. This mural captures our students' experiences and serves as inspiration and recognition of the perseverance and tenacity of our community through a most challenging year.

Grayson is grateful for you

Your support leads to meaningful educational benefits for gifted children by fueling their curiosity and facilitating exploration. 

Why we give to Grayson

We give to Grayson because they provide a customized educational experience for gifted learners that is unmatched. The social and emotional support is key to unlocking each child’s potential.

— Barb & Jack Hafner

As a Trustee of The Grayson School, I am inspired by the passion and dedication that our faculty and staff have for our students. I always enjoy visiting our classrooms to see our students explore deep and creative learning opportunities. It’s why I give to Grayson for teacher appreciation efforts and general operating support — there is nothing more important than unleashing the potential of our youth.

— Nita Seelinger

It’s amazing to see the enthusiasm for school that Quincy has since he started attending Grayson. He just was not engaged at his previous school but we knew for a fact that he was capable of so much. Grayson unlocked that in him and we are so grateful. We give to Grayson because of everything Grayson gives to our son!

— Michael and Andrea Winslow

We love Grayson! Grayson makes it possible for our children to maximize their potential in a very enjoyable way; learning is truly made fun at Grayson and the children respond in a really positive manner. Grayson also provides an incredibly welcoming environment where our children feel at home with their peers and their teachers.

—Joe Stocke & Linda Gohari

I donate to Grayson because it is a wonderful school, and exactly what my son, a proud Grayson alumni, needed to grow into the amazing person he is today. I often reflect with gratitude upon the various educational, emotional, and all-around supportive gifts he received as a Grayson student. I am so very glad that Grayson exists, and I donate to help contribute to the education of children yet to come so that they can receive the same benefits my son received before them.

— Tiffany Hurst

We love Grayson. The teachers and staff constantly amaze us with their ingenuity, enthusiasm, and dedication. Our daughter is thriving at Grayson because every day, she is diving into exciting courses that demand complex thinking, intense discussions, and perseverance. She has blossomed as both a leader and a collaborator because of the countless opportunities to tackle complex projects, advance quickly when content is mastered, and then apply concepts to new problems.

— Liad and David Pernock

The Grayson School has been dramatically transformational for our three gifted children. Like all children, our kids are very different in personality, constitution, interests and passions, and educational needs related to their giftedness. We have been so enormously impressed with the way that this school has taken the time and effort to actually get to know each of our children, not only to see their educational needs, but their social and emotional needs as well. This has allowed this brilliant team to tailor the way each child is taught in a way that acknowledges their need for acceleration, areas in which they may need to be supported intellectually, and how their unique emotional and social functioning will affect how they can actually access and incorporate these incredible resources into their learning. This is why we love this school and in part why we donate as much as we possibly can above and beyond their tuition. We have personally witnessed the ways that Grayson, as a newer school, stretches every dollar to make sure they can provide this education for every student who comes through their doors, and also seeks out students who are in desperate need of a fair and appropriate gifted education and are not able to access it in their environment. Our children benefit from the most incredible offerings, from growing sports and athletic programming, theater and instruments, to cutting-edge biotechnology study. We are honored to support the continued growth of these types of programs and the growth in the number of students who can come to Grayson and benefit from them.

— Liz and Jeff Berger

The Grayson School recognizes that gifts and talent are not limited to a zip code or economic status. I give to Grayson because there is an obvious commitment, both at the school and in their outreach efforts, to close the equality gap in gifted education. I have had many mentors that have made a huge mark on my life, and it is very fulfilling for me to pass that forward as a role model to Grayson students. I am so excited to continue to collaborate with them and support their efforts.

— King Saladeen

Your difference adds up


Looking forward

In the 2021-22 school year, we celebrated our first graduating class at Grayson.

We know you share our pride in these students’ accomplishments, and our dbest wishes for all the possibilities that await them as they embark on their college plans.

We look forward to continued growth, together.

Miles K. Bertrand
Haley Budin
Norah I. Kaplan
Evan A. McComb
Milo M. Pouchot

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Together, we inspire gifted children to discover their unlimited potential and endless possibilities for their future.