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Welcome to The Grayson School

From our Head of School

A gifted mind passionately pursuing an idea is a wondrous thing to see, and at Grayson, we are deeply invested in cultivating our students’ intrinsic curiosity to motivate them to engage fully with their gifted education. We encourage them to try new things, to stretch themselves, to work hard, and to fail and try again.

Our highly-trained team is uniquely qualified to nurture the remarkable potential of these children. At Grayson, we do not believe there should be limits on how much, how quickly, or how deeply they can learn. Our curriculum and work are meaningful, complex, and worthy of our students’ abilities.

I invite you to explore The Grayson School through our website, and learn more by scheduling a tour with our Admissions team. You can meet our faculty and discover first hand what gifted children can do in an environment that sees and values who they are and feeds their voracious appetite for learning.


Melissa Bilash
Founder & Head of School

Our Mission and Values

The Grayson School provides gifted children a challenging, research-based education worthy of their intellect and their intrinsic desire to learn and think deeply. We serve as a valued resource for the gifted education community in Philadelphia and nationwide.

Shared values are the foundation of our school culture, guiding our work and shaping our relationships across the Grayson community.


Grayson’s curriculum is intentionally designed to meet the needs of gifted students. We offer them unparalleled opportunities to inspire, challenge, and foster their growth and development.

We provide our students a stimulating curriculum that pushes their boundaries and respects their unique learning paths. Just as importantly, at Grayson, your child will find a community of intellectual peers where individuality is celebrated and nurtured.

“We love the educational environment you’ve created where my kid’s unique gifts are understood, valued, and nurtured. It’s very important to us that she works at her own pace—whatever that is—and that she’s given work at her ability level.”

— Grayson Parent

Administration & Faculty

Bringing Our Mission to Life

We are learners rather than lecturers, and we are passionate about supporting your gifted children.

Our faculty and staff are trained and experienced in what gifted students need. A unique blend of creativity, flexibility, and classroom experience reflects both subject matter expertise and attention to the complex intellectual and social needs of gifted children.

At Grayson, our teachers are unlike any you have known before. They are catalysts, guiding and supporting your gifted children as they unlock their boundless potential.

Grayson Board of Trustees

Cultivating Growth

Grayson’s Board of Trustees focuses on cultivating the long-term growth of our school. From strategic planning to financial management, the Board holds our mission as central to our work. It is what inspires our Trustees to invest so much of their time and expertise in the governance of the school, and informs decision-making on every level.

Research Advisory Board

Guiding Best Practices

The Grayson Research Advisory Board is composed of internationally-recognized luminaries in gifted education and child development. These thought leaders are at the forefront of discovery about how gifted children learn and grow best.

The participation of eminent researchers in the field was crucial to the realization of a research-based school for gifted children, and their ongoing guidance continues to be a tremendous asset to our community. Each year, our faculty further sharpens their understanding and mastery of gifted education through personal mentoring from members of our Research Advisory Board.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (JEDI)

Building Community

At Grayson, we are building a rich community where diversity and equity are cornerstones in providing the best education for gifted students. Through culturally responsive instruction and ongoing opportunities for interaction with diverse peers, both within school and the broader community, a Grayson education promotes citizenship, social awareness, complexity of thinking, and communication skills essential for our students to thrive in an increasingly multicultural nation and global economy.

Join Us!

The Grayson School is an exemplar for gifted education and educational innovation. We invite you to explore these opportunities to join our extraordinary faculty and staff.