Below you will find many common questions we receive, but please feel free to contact us if you still have questions of your own.

When should I begin the admission process?

Application materials should be received by January 15 for applicants to receive priority consideration for the school year beginning that September. Applications received after January 15 will be considered on a rolling basis after applicants with priority have been processed.

Can I apply online?

At this point, the application form and supplemental materials in electronic form can be submitted online. The interview, of course, cannot be completed online, but will be held at a time convenient for your family. We request that supplementary materials like video clips, photos, and written work by the student be submitted electronically if at all possible. If necessary for families relocating to our area, an informational discussion may be held with parents only via Skype.

How much should I write on the application?

We ask that the parent essay be limited to one typewritten page; however, there is no space limit for student essays.  We know that gifted learners often demonstrate their abilities in a wide variety of ways, and that children in early grades do not necessarily have a portfolio of written school work to submit with their applications. Therefore, we welcome you to submit a short video (under 5 minutes), photos of a project or invention, a copy of a story, or other information that you think will help us better understand your child.

What should I do if my child cannot fill out the student portion of the application by himself or herself?

We understand that very young applicants may not be able to write or type themselves. If this is the case, please ask your child the questions orally and record, to the best of your ability, what your child actually says. We are interested in hearing their unique voice and responses, and are aware that young children are often imaginative, silly, and non-linear in their thinking, especially if they are gifted, and that is fine — we want to hear what they have to say!

Does Grayson offer pre-kindergarten classes?

We do not serve pre-kindergarten students at this time; in our inaugural 2015-16 school year, Grayson will offer grades K-6.  Our plan is to expand our grade offerings to include grades 7-12 starting in the 2016-17 school year, and to add pre-kindergarten classes by the 2017-18 school year.

Should I wait to apply for Grayson until my child is a certain age or grade?

Grayson has no specific entry points for its students, and we have received inquiries for almost every grade level. There are grades for which there are a naturally larger pool of applicants (first grade, fourth grade, and seventh grade). However, given that Grayson is designed to teach students who may have widely diverging or asynchronous abilities, these pools are not necessarily relevant the way they would be in a typical day school. We encourage you to apply when you feel your child needs the kind of rich, gifted-only academic environment that Grayson offers.

My child does (or does not) have a Gifted Individualized Education Plan (GIEP) at his or her school; is that an important part of the admissions process?

While you are welcome to submit your child’s GIEP or Gifted Written Report as part of their application materials, whether or not your child has a GIEP will not determine your child’s admission into The Grayson School.

What should I expect during the parent interview?

Please see What to Expect at Your Grayson Interview for more detailed information about the parent interview.

What should I tell my child about the student interview?

Please see What to Expect at Your Grayson Interview for more information about the student interview.

What test scores are required with my application?

Please click here to see a list of test scores we accept as part of a student’s application.

Where do I obtain recommendation forms? Who should I get to fill out recommendations for my child if he or she has not attended school yet or has been homeschooled?

You are welcome to ask your recommenders to send a letter, or you may contact our Admissions Office for a recommendation form or more information. Students should have recommendations from two teachers (tutors or instructors at enrichment classes are also acceptable, if they have worked with your child for a number of sessions and not just one time). If your child has not attended school yet or is homeschooled, we welcome recommendations from other individuals who have worked with your child in a capacity that would allow them to speak to their giftedness.

When are admissions decisions made?

Admissions decisions are made and delivered to families by February for the following school year beginning in September. Applications received after January 15 will be processed on a rolling basis.

When should I apply for financial aid?

Following your student’s acceptance to The Grayson School, you will receive additional information about applying for financial aid if you request it. All financial aid is need-based only. Families are strongly encouraged to complete their applications by January 15, as these applications will be given priority in processing and in financial aid decisions.

If my child is admitted but not awarded aid, might we receive aid the following year?

Financial aid awards are decided afresh every year, since our resources for aid are spread over an applicant pool which changes each year with our student population and with families’ financial circumstances. We encourage families seeking aid to apply each year.

Will my child’s chances for admission be negatively impacted if we apply for financial aid?

We are a need-blind institution — acceptance is based solely on your child’s application, which is why we wait to process financial aid applications until offers of admission have been made. Neither families seeking aid from the school nor families who have substantial financial resources to offer the school have any advantage or disadvantage over other applicants. Following an offer of admission, we will discuss need-based financial aid, based on each family’s situation.

Will my child’s siblings be given preferred status over other applicants if they apply to Grayson?

The Grayson School is specifically designed for highly gifted learners; whether or not a child has a sibling at Grayson will have no bearing on whether or not the school is a good fit. Each child’s application is evaluated individually.

If my child has social/emotional issues and/or learning differences, should we not apply to Grayson?

As with all applicants, admissions decisions are based on “fit,” and our staff is trained to evaluate all different kinds of children with widely varying abilities and needs. Grayson is not designed to address the needs of children with significant learning differences or special needs who require extensive support. However, we evaluate every application on a case-by-case basis to see if we are able to meet the needs of your child.