Enrichment Center Application

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To ensure that all Enrichment Center students get the most out of their experience, we have a brief application process that requires 2 samples demonstrating your child’s giftedness or abilities.  This can include both traditional and non-traditional materials:

  • school transcripts,
  • an academic referral form from your child’s school,
  • an IQ test report,
  • copies of achievement and/or above-level testing,
  • GIEP,
  • GWR/RR,
  • or a student portfolio showcasing some of their best work.

Once submitted, you will hear back from us within 2-3 business days with either your acceptance or the need for further information.

If your child has been accepted to, or previously attended an EC Program, or is enrolled at The Grayson School, you are not required to apply again. Please go directly to STEP 2: Enrichment Course Registration.

Do You Need Help?

Jessica Curtiss Gifted Education

Hello! I am Jessica Curtiss, Director of The Enrichment Center and Extracurricular Activities at The Grayson School.  As I am frequently busy with our incredible students, please contact me at enrichment@thegraysonschool.org, with the subject line: TEC Application Help.  In addition to your comments and/or questions, please let me know your preferred contact method and availability so I can get back to you promptly.

I am here to help, and look forward to meeting you and your child soon!