Our Kindergarten—1st grade class has been working in the laws of thermodynamics (really!), and the kids have been asking BIG questions and expressing a lot of DEEP thinking, so Ms. O allowed their questions to dictate the direction of their work as we began an exploration of Organic Chemistry.

Our approach here is simple: our students are curious and if you give them the space, they can make real world connections.

During a discussion about how you use or spend energy, we broke out the chemistry modeling set to see how that all works. By using a “Happy Atoms” tactile approach,  learning this favorite topic occured at their individual level and pace.

kindergarten chemistry

We learned that 2 atoms can share the electrons in their outermost shell with covalent bonds.

From left to right:

Sam made O2 (what we breathe), and then coded the covalent bond so you could see that they are sharing electrons.

Soren said, “I wanted to make a molecule where everybody has a friend.  And look!  No extras!”

Josh shows off his beryllium carbide.

When Ms. O asked about that pose, Sawyer said, ” I got invited to the molecule party!”

Claire created “whatever you call it when all the entropy is in one place.”

We played a game of hangman later that week and the word the students had to guess was “ENTROPY.”

After solving the puzzle, Josh said, “that was real chaos solving that one!”

Sawyer added, “If I found a genie I would wish for entropy to stop.”  BOOM

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  • Lori

    Oh why can’t u have a high school?!!!

    • Nancy

      Lori – We are working on it! In the next year we hope to secure our state license for the Upper School. Thanks for keeping in touch with us.

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