Information is updated as of January 5, 2022, and is subject to change.

Dear Families,

I find myself grateful every day for the strength of our community, the passion of our students, the creativity of our teachers, and the profound power of our mission. While our community was grateful for our COVID response plan over the past 18 months, we continue to build on this experience and invested in training, technology and added safety precautions that give me confidence in meeting these ongoing challenges with flexibility, adaptability, and purpose.

We ask that you carefully review our Health and Safety Plan, Policies, and Procedures and share the relevant information with your student(s) to help them get ready for the start of school. These policies form the backbone of our social contract with one another during in-person and remote learning. Respect is one of our core values, and as a community, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, and SAFETY will be a continuing theme for our students in 2021-22.

Please reach out to me, your Divisional Director, or call the school with any questions, concerns, or issues. On behalf of the entire Board of Trustees, Faculty and Staff, I welcome you back to school and convey how excited we are to support your students in their continued growth.

Melissa Bilash
Head of School

Protecting ourselves and others everyday

In conjunction with best practices outlined by the state and other health authorities, Grayson is implementing the following practices to protect the members of our community.

Before School Begins

Prior to returning to campus, in addition to daily health screens, families are asked to:

  • Review our complete Health and Safety Plan
  • Complete the Acknowledgement and Waiver Form
  • Download The Grayson School app to your phone for daily health screenings and school communications.
Daily Responsibilities

We each must do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19 and prior to coming to campus, all members of our community must adhere to these requirements:

  • Members of our school community must conduct a daily screening for related symptoms as outlined by the CDC through our school app prior to coming to campus.
  • Members of our school community will be required to use a face covering in compliance with the PA Governor’s order, which must be in place when exiting your vehicle or bus.
  • Grayson families and staff members must inform the school immediately if they or any member of their household tests positive for COVID-19 or if they come into direct contact with an infected individual.
  • If your child will be absent from classes for any reason, as always, please contact Susan Pedersen.
School Exclusion Infographic
Remote Learning Option

Remote learning is available on a limited basis for students who medically need to be excluded from in-person learning for more than 2 school days. In these limited instances, we provide a combination of synchronous and asynchronous classes. To initiate access to a remote learning program, parents must contact their student’s Divisional Director who will coordinate access with their family and our faculty.


Social Distancing & Safety Protocols

In conjunction with best practices outlined by the state and other health authorities, when on campus, Grayson is requiring the use of face coverings, frequent hand washing, social distancing, and implementing sanitization protocols to protect the members of our community.

Maintaining physical distances
  • Classrooms will be organized with desks 6 feet apart to the maximum extent feasible.
  • Our hallways have wide explicit lanes to allow for socially distant two-way travel. Floor graphics will help to guide students.
  • The cafe is closed for meals. All staff and students will eat meals and snacks in classrooms at desks that are socially distant. Students are allowed to remove their face coverings while eating or drinking when spaced at least 6 feet apart, and we will hold lunch outside to the degree possible.
Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

All employees and cleaning teams will follow school-approved guidance on cleaning and disinfecting, including the school van.

Students will have individual supplies wherever possible, including 1:1 laptops or tablets; any shared equipment will be cleaned after each use. Hand sanitizer will be readily available in common areas, hallways, classrooms, and outdoor play and learning spaces.

All learning spaces have medical grade HEPA filters.

Use of Face Coverings

While on campus, all members of our school community are required to use a face covering. Face coverings will be available to any student or staff member who requests one. Students may remove face coverings when:

  • Eating or drinking when spaced at least 6 feet apart; or
  • When wearing a face-covering creates an unsafe condition in which to operate equipment or execute a task; or
  • At least 6 feet apart during “face-covering breaks” to last no longer than 10 minutes.
Hand Washing

Teachers will provide direct instruction and signs will remind our students about hand washing and other everyday protective measures.

Staff and students will wash hands before and after eating or using the restroom, and will be offered hand sanitizer throughout the building.


Other Campus Protocols

Please refer to your Family Handbook for the most complete information of modifications during COVID-19 for both in-person and remote learners.

Pick Up and Drop Off
  • During drop-off and pick-up windows, parents and guardians must remain in their cars at all times. Students must exit your vehicle curbside, wearing a mask, and only at the direction of a Grayson staff member who will verify your student’s health screening.
  • Students who arrive after the standard drop-off window (e.g. Pre-K, Upper School, late arrivals) will be buzzed in after the front desk staff verifies that their log has been received. Parents or guardians who escort young children to the door must wear a mask and remain in the vestibule. A staff member will meet them at the door to escort young children to their classroom.
  • Parents and guardians who need to collect their students before the pick-up window will pull up to the curb and call the school; your student(s) will be escorted to the car by a staff member.
Visitors to Campus

Guests on campus will be extremely limited and must be approved by the Head of School or Pandemic Coordinator. Any visitor will receive detailed guidance on safety and self-screening protocols prior to arrival and must follow the same guidelines as Grayson faculty and staff to be permitted on campus.

  • Parents and guardians are also not permitted to enter the building unless they have a scheduled meeting or are otherwise permitted under special circumstances. All visiting adults must wear a face covering if they leave their cars and throughout the entire time they are on campus.
  • Packages and other deliveries will be left inside the vestibule.
Isolation Policies at School

We have designated an isolation area to separate anyone who exhibits COVID-19 like symptoms until the individual is able to go home, or to a healthcare provider. Any student on school property who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms per symptom screening guidelines or report of a positive COVID-19 test, will be directed immediately to the isolation area.