Last week, Grayson welcomed Desilee Tate, a teacher of gifted K-6 students at Loreto Kirribilli, a girls’ school in Sydney, Australia.  Ms. Tate won a prestigious Churchill Fellowship to fund her proposal for an 8-week trip around the US to tour schools for the gifted and to meet with scholars in gifted education.  Out of all the places she could choose, she selected Grayson as the one school for gifted students she would visit — partly because of a recommendation from Jonathan Plucker, Ph.D., a professor at Johns Hopkins University and member of our Grayson Research Advisory Board (GRAB).

She left energized and inspired by having spent the day in Projects classes with our students and discussing project-base learning with our teachers.  “I love it!” she enthused. “Grayson has been on my radar now for about 2-3 years, and when I planned my trip, I had a choice of so many schools to visit — but Grayson was on top of the list.”

She left Grayson bound for stops in Baltimore, Detroit, and Los Angeles.  We are planning to stay connected and discussing the possibility of connecting our students in cultural exchange across the globe.

Learn more about our academic program or contact us to schedule a visit.

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