Frequently Asked Questions

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Are enrichment courses only for Grayson students?

We welcome all gifted students to apply and take our courses. Part of our mission is to support the gifted community, both in our own school and in our community. Our enrichment courses are an opportunity for both our own students and high ability learners from other schools or homeschool settings to engage with intellectual peers who share their interests.

Where are enrichment courses held?

Courses will meet at The Grayson School, located at 35 N. Malin Road in Broomall, PA.

Is financial aid available?

Yes, we do have some financial aid available for students on a first come, first serve basis, who could not otherwise afford to participate. Please note your interest on your application and registration and we will contact you for details and required information.

If you have other questions we have not addressed, please contact Jessica Curtiss at