Last night, our own Mr. McDermott was honored at the Broomall Barnes & Noble “My Favorite Teacher Contest” Awards Ceremony! Carter, one of his students, submitted this letter of gratitude to our local store, describing how Mr. McDermott has influenced his life. Both Mr. McDermott and Carter were recognized at the event by local authors Jeffrey Johnston, Nahjee Grant, and Don Doyle. Congratulations to Mac and Carter! We are very proud to have both of you at The Grayson School.

Barnes & Noble Favorite Teacher ContestThe five regional winning teachers will each receive a $500 Barnes & Noble Gift Card. The winner of the “Barnes & Noble Teacher of the Year” award will receive $5,000 and will be recognized at a special event. The winning teacher’s school will receive $5,000 as well.

Good luck to Mr. McDermott and Carter!

Dear Mr. McDermott,

You are my favorite teacher. You are so awesome because you are very kind; you are always supportive and never let me down. You include everyone at every chance and make us feel understood. You always know what to do next and are never without a great solution and new idea. I think that you are the best teacher by far.

One example of your incredible teaching powers was during a recent project. I was trying to use a Dremel drill to grind into PVC over time, and a couple weeks later you went out to the store to buy me a rat tail file. When the rat tail file didn’t work you helped me send an email to the creator of the project I was doing and ask for help. We received the reply from the creator that included a new and improved design for the piston for my pump–this helped me to solve the problem and now my pump has an improved pump design. This is just one (and my personal) example of how you care for everyone so much and have such a big and kind heart. No one can even compete with you being the best teacher!

You obviously know how important learning is–and how to make it come alive and how to help us grow.You want everyone to be happy and work well with each other. Honestly, I am so lucky to have you as a teacher every day–and I am sure I’ll carry the learning tools into all my future years. You’re Straight up awesome and amazing. Everyone here at Grayson looks up to you and thinks that you rock, but most of all me! Thank you for being your own person and for showing all of your students how to believe in ourselves and how when we get into a jam and need to keep going that we need to think outside the box. You are the model for Best Teacher.



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