According to Dr. Ellen D. Fiedler, PhD. , organization is often something that gifted children seem to struggle with. Many times, this can lead to children getting frustrated with themselves or believing that they are not good enough. It can also be difficult for them to make goals or to prioritize. They are self-motivated and want to do things their own way, which often means without organization. This is why Dr. Fiedler wrote an article of what parents should and should not do in helping their children to develop organizational skills for their own benefit.


Some things that the author believes that parents should do is to use color-coding for subjects and tasks, encourage the use of a calendar or agenda book, and begin using a timer for tasks. Another option mentioned is the beneficial use of technology. This includes using it for calendars, contacts, timers, notes, etc. She also recommends looking for role models to follow based on their organizational skills so that children can see the benefits of organization. There are also some things that the author believes that parents should avoid. This includes avoiding direct praise. Instead, make sure a child knows that he or she should be proud of the effort put into his or her own successes. She also suggests avoiding reward systems, as they can lead to teaching a child to manipulate people. Lastly, she does not recommend implementing all of these ideas at once – rather gradually add them into a child’s daily routine. Every child’s mind is different, so it is important to be patient and to work with him or her to achieve these organizational goals.

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