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How to Apply

The admissions process begins when you fill out the form below to inquire about our school for the gifted. We want to get to know you and your child—and help you get to know us—so together we can determine if a Grayson education is right for your family.

Every Gifted Child is Unique

Because giftedness is expressed in so many different ways, we evaluate all applicants on multiple criteria. Some characteristics they exhibit may be:

  • asking “why” questions and displaying intellectual curiosity about many different topics
  • having the capacity to understand abstract concepts and ask complex questions
  • enjoying taking things apart and/or putting them together, and being full of creativity and wonder in wanting to build, design, and invent
  • grasping new ideas quickly and applying them in different contexts
  • expressing deep passion about an area of interest that may be outside their school curriculum.

Does this sound like your child? We would love to hear from you.

“This is the best school you can find! I go there and the teachers are awesome! At my old school, they only gave me easy things that I could do in five seconds…At Grayson, I am challenged and am able to work at my own pace instead of the entire class doing the exact same thing as if we were all at the exact same level.”

— 4th grade student

How to Apply

Once you have visited Grayson, our admissions process continues through an application. After your application is received, our Admissions Office will schedule a visit day for your child. Applications are considered on a rolling basis.

Admissions Process at The Grayson School – A School for the Gifted

A complete online application includes the following:

Family Information

A Student Statement

IQ Test Scores

An Official Transcript from the Student’s Current School


Work Samples

Student Visit Day

2023-24 Tuition and Fees

  • PreK: $27,100
  • Grades K-5: $36,500
  • Middle School: $37,500
  • Upper School: $38,500

Financial Aid

The Grayson School offers admission without regard to financial need. After a student is offered admission, a family request for financial assistance will be considered.

The Grayson School SSS number is 191102. For assistance, please contact School and Student Services (SSS) at 800-344-8328 with any questions.

There are a number of scholarship opportunities available to gifted K-12 students which you can find under Gifted Resources.

School and Student Services (SSS)

(800) 344-8328

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