Our K-1 Class had a blast at their Improv workshop with Dr. Zakreski and Ms. O this week. One of the activities we did was build a story, “one word at a time,” with each student contributing a single word in a fast-paced collaborative exercise that resulted in a few very spooky, funny stories for the season!

When I walked into my classroom I saw Mrs. Stone writing something on our computers. It was a ghost and spiders for decorations for Halloween. She also took her eyeball out she was a Sawyer stealing witch and she ate Sawyer.
When I see Mrs Bilash in the hallway I say “Hello!” Mrs. Bilash gets worried when the frog eats her because he is hungry.  She walks into our black hole and a spider slid down her hair.  And then, she screamed.
This Halloween I am most excited to have some candy.  Suddenly, a skeleton ate candy and eyeballs rolled out. They took my whole box of candy.
The best project I ever did was a marker periodic table with legs and face lips and clocks.
I was thinking a cabinet could knock and talk on the wall and something happened. Skeletons came out of the cabinet.  An axe slammed and cut paper on the cabinet for Ms. O to be happy. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN
Once upon a time, a frog got kissed by an eye, and ate his face DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN and then an evil big mouth witch ate him.
An evil King and an evil Queen ate the frog and turned into frogs they could eat Ms. O. The frog turned into frog Prince and an eye water bottle ate Ms. O and Melificient showed up and ate the story.

This morning I got to the Grayson School, got out of my car, and the skeletons were white.  Click-clack-clank I came in, he took my Sawyer. Ghoooooost!!!!!!

Today I walked into Projects Class, and I knew Ms. O went crazy because someone took her skeleton picture and a ghost showed his pictures. Today I walked into my classroom and I saw Miss Probasco writing spiders on the wall.


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