We recognize that exceptional ability knows no boundaries, yet that inequitable access to resources may prevent gifted students who are disadvantaged from reaching their potential. Providing adequate and appropriate resources, and identifying and meeting the needs of all our students is central to our mission.


Maintaining a diverse community across dimensions is a priority, and we believe that justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) are essential aspects of providing an optimal education for our gifted students. Our school utilizes research-based curriculum and pedagogical strategies to integrate these tenets into the foundation of the programming of our school. Through culturally responsive instruction and ongoing opportunities for interaction with diverse peers, both within school and the broader community, a Grayson education will promote the citizenship, development, social awareness, complexity of thinking, and communication skills essential for our students to thrive in an increasingly multicultural nation and global economy.

For more information, please read our non-discrimination policy and process.

As America continues to struggle with social justice and anti-Black racism, the hard work at Grayson taking place around becoming “anti-racist” is more important than ever. A just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive (JEDI) place of learning will enable our amazing students to become leaders of a world free from prejudice and hatred. The faculty, staff, and Board must persist in doing this work around advancing Grayson as an institution anchored in the JEDI principles and values, and lived out on a daily basis. It could not be more vital.
— Joseph Sun, Grayson Board of Trustees and JEDI Committee Chair


In the Community and Classroom

Please click the image to read a wonderful new book review from a 5th grade student who writes under the pen name "Boongirl" for our student e-newspaper, the Grayson Globe. It is a true story about desegregating schools.
JEDI: Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion
Dr. Frank C. Worrell spoke with our community in November on the factors that lead to many high potential students of color and other underserved populations to be missing in gifted programs: the achievement gap, opportunity gap, and excellence gap. His insights and research on cultural identities offers all of us a path to increased understanding and collaboration to provide the coursework and social and emotional supports that gifted children need.
JEDI: Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion
Sharing the different cultural celebrations in our community with each other happens in the classroom, and...
...at family events like Multicultural Night that give us opportunities to share our stories.
Grayson students create and lead their own clubs that provide them an opportunity to inform, support, and advocate for JEDI issues that are important to them.


Affirming Black Lives is a featured resource from Albert Academy that provides over 150 racial justice resources. This curated list of books, videos, articles, etc. is sectioned for Teachers and School Administrators, Creating Curriculum, and Students and Families. Click here to bookmark this ever-growing list of references on Google Drive so you can always access the most current list.

Below are a few more resources that we have found valuable in our work. We will continue to update this page with fresh perspectives and resources you may find useful at home and in the classroom.

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For Educators
Gifted Resources
JEDI in the era of COVID-19