Sometimes, gifted children may seem uninterested in a topic because it is not challenging enough. This is why Beth Werrell, an author on Virtual Learning Connections, wrote an article with tips for challenging gifted and talented children so that they stay interested. She first mentions that it is important to not dwell on a topic that a child has already mastered – advance to a new concept. Another piece of advice that she offers is to not hinder a child’s curiosity. Encourage the questions that he or she asks to keep this interest.

She also explains the importance of not “talking-down” to children. This only discourages their desire to learn. By talking to children as equals, they will want more to discuss new topics. Lastly, she recommends that parents allow their children to have free time and avoid over-scheduling. This allows for children to unwind and to relieve any of the pressures that they may be feeling – they are still just kids.

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