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Lower School

Grades K–5
Each Lower School student has a multitude of strengths, interests, and ideas. We want them to bring their whole selves—with all of their individual passions, intensity, and brilliance—to school every day.

Grayson challenges students to learn without limits, to think big, and to explore new concepts. Our gifted students’ abilities and ideas are encouraged and taken seriously by peers and teachers who share the same level of curiosity and love of learning.

We foster an environment where gifted students can maintain the joys of typical childhood experiences while learning exciting, complex material at their own pace.

: Students at gifted elementary school – The Grayson School


Lower School teachers understand that what gifted elementary school children need is the right kind of work—immersive, challenging, and meaningful—and not just extra work on topics they already know.

Grayson’s teachers are subject-matter experts who develop gifted students’ critical thinking skills and instill a sense of wonder through early exposure to higher-level concepts. In our classrooms, you will see students up and about—working on projects, reflecting bold ideas, and using real tools.

Most importantly, you will see students who are energized, excited, and fully engaged as they work alongside intellectual peers and learn from each other.

gifted students conducting a science experiment
Advanced Mathematics program at gifted elementary school

Our curriculum is both rigorous and flexible: intentionally designed to be responsive to students’ abilities and interests, yet also differentiated to challenge learners at all levels.


Through a highly differentiated approach, students learn at their level—from early numeracy to Geometry or beyond. Small, carefully crafted groupings enable instructors to engage, support, and challenge students at every stage. Our inquiry-based curriculum provides a platform for students to master fundamental concepts and methods, learn to think logically and mathematically, and connect course material to the world around them.

English & Language Arts

Our differentiated curriculum allows for a wide range of reading skills and levels across our elementary school grades. Early readers may need phonemic work, some are reading on-level text, and others can read at grade levels well beyond their age.

Computer Science

From developing early computational thinking skills to programming, our Lower School computer science curriculum also includes units of study on the function and use of AI from a technological, humanities, and social science perspective. Students build digital literacy skills and begin programming through VEX Robotics.


Students are invited to investigate the world around them through a scientific lens. Labs and associated activities bring theories to life, enhancing student engagement with the subject. Since gifted students thrive in authentic environments, they are making observations, testing hypotheses, and adjusting their plans.

World Languages

Students learn Mandarin through grade 3. Students choose from Latin, Mandarin, and Spanish beginning in grade 4.

Visual and Performing Arts

Both music and art classes meet twice weekly in Lower School. All students participate in our Winterfest celebration of music and art and our annual Lower School musical. Students can join our Gryphonix Jr. choral group and receive private instrument or voice lessons.


Challenging, Experiential Learning

A central pillar of a Grayson education, our Projects program engages our students to channel their intrinsic curiosity, energy, and excitement into cross-disciplinary projects where they design products and sometimes unusual solutions for authentic problems.

Projects are inherently collaborative, challenging students to lean into their strengths and work as a team—an important opportunity for gifted students who may be used to working more independently. Students build their tolerance for frustration, learn to listen to one another, and overcome roadblocks with original thinking.

Whether launching a mission to Mars, building an escape room, or reinventing innovations from ancient cultures for modern times, our Projects teachers inspire our Lower School students to engage fiercely with the material and marshal their creative and abstract thinking skills while developing solutions—and even surprising themselves.

Experiential science classes at the best elementary school for gifted children

Overcoming obstacles

Gifted lower school students building escape rooms

Team-based design processes

Invention convention at gifted elementary school in Pennsylvania

Innovations and inventions


Grayson creates a sense of community, fosters school spirit, and builds lasting memories for our Lower School students.

Beyond the Classroom

Carefully curated field trips and assembly programs are both educational and fun, as we believe in the power of experiential learning. Whether it involves exploring local museums, visiting nature preserves, or engaging in interactive workshops, each trip is designed to enrich students’ understanding of various subjects while sparking their curiosity and imagination.

School Traditions

Lower School traditions foster a sense of fun, belonging, and community. Our youngest students participate in a myriad of activities and traditions such as Cultural Celebration Night, when our families gather to share food, family traditions, cultural experiences; VIP Day, when the important people in our students’ lives spend a morning at Grayson; and Winterfest, a celebration of music and visual arts.

Special Days

Our students eagerly look forward to unique in-school workshops, guests, and celebrations for Pi Day, Read Across America Day, Star Wars Day, and Rocket Day.

Performing Arts

Students may join vocal ensembles or take voice or music lessons, and all Lower School students participate in our annual musical theater production.

Academic Competitions

Options for our gifted elementary school students include the Scripps National Spelling Bee, Reading Olympics, various Mathematics competitions, and national exams for World Languages.

After School

In addition to aftercare, we offer programs such as soccer and frisbee, Snapology, visual arts, chess programs, and more.

Community Service

Students are encouraged to participate in both school-sponsored service opportunities for Day of Gratitude and Earth Day, as well as out-of-school community service projects.

Grayson Parent Association

Building community is a critical component of a Lower School family experience. The parent association leads celebrations such as our Family Fall Festival; community service projects for our Day of Gratitude; teacher appreciation efforts; classroom activities; social events; and fundraising. All parents are encouraged to get involved!

Lower School parent

“Lower School is a place where students have an incredibly rich experience and access to many integrated programs that parents of gifted students usually have to pay extra for outside of school, such as computer science, theater, and singing groups. They have very full days and come home tired and full of learning. At Grayson, students are truly affirmed and appreciated for who they are as people.”

— Lower School Parent