This is one experiment we can’t successfully carry out by ourselves—we need you as a lab partner, a MakerSpace mentor, an expert to confer with our projects-based learning faculty to guide us in designing and building out our MakerSpace. We are looking for:


Mechanics | Electrical & Mechanical Engineers | Architects | Video and Sound Production Engineers  | Graphic Designers | Animators | Textile Fashion Designers | Photographers | CAD and Digital Designers | and more!


Just a few hours of your time in support of our MakerSpace helps to tell our kids how much we all value their ideas and creations.  And best of all, by helping us make this dream-fueled classroom a reality, you can become a Maker, too!

Please contact our Projects Team if you are interested in working with us!

Fabrication Lab

Teaching students the skills they need to manufacture their own products is a crucial, fundamental part of being a Maker. Our students take great satisfaction in turning an idea into an object they can touch, test, manipulate…and improve upon. This was our original module and our students are excited for the upgrades made possible from our generous donors.

Textile Lab

Not everything cutting-edge requires a drill or a laser; innovations in textiles reflect a completely different kind of creativity.  Ingenious designers are creating clothing with build-in LEDs for communication or accessibility purposes, while others are exploring health-related possibilities with haptic touch response, heart-monitoring capabilities, and wearable wireless connectivity.

Multimedia Lab

While children today are digital natives growing up with ubiquitous video capability, few have had the opportunity to learn how to edit and manipulate video, add sound and graphics, and use high-definition equipment. New video cameras, HD equipment, dedicated computers, audio and animation software, green screens and lighting just arrived.

Recent Projects

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A special thank you to the Hafner Family and all our MakerSpace donors who provided this opportunity to our students through the tools, equipment, software, and more that we use everyday—we are very grateful for your support.

Kristen Bell and John Guthrie | The Doherty Family | The Marrero-Ramos Family | The McElhone Family | The Menschik Family | The Merlin Family | Nita and Thornton Seelinger | The Sheiber Family | The Stocke Family | Anonymous