My Grayson

Middle School

Grades 6–8

Middle School is an important period of rapid development, and Grayson understands that gifted adolescents crave purposeful learning with a clear “why” behind it.

Our faculty fires up the intellectual curiosity of our students while empowering them to take ownership of their education. We guide them to be the drivers of their own experience, not just passengers.

These years are packed with both intellectual and social-emotional growth, and at Grayson, our students thrive in a safe, supportive environment where they can truly be themselves. They forge strong connections with peers, teachers, and counselors who appreciate—and embrace!—their unique ways of looking at the world.

Classroom at Middle School for Gifted Students


In Middle School, we foster gifted students’ growing sense of agency. In this time of self-discovery and increasing independence, Grayson gives students more say over what they spend their days learning.

In addition to their core classes, students choose from an array of trimester-long electives. Offerings include Robotics, Aerospace Engineering, the Chemistry of Crystals, Graphic Design, and Environmental Action, to name a few. Students also choose which music class inspires them, as well as what they do for physical education, including options for Flag Football, Martial Arts, Fencing, and Yoga.
Advanced math at gifted and talented middle schools

Our teachers evaluate students’ growth through authentic assessments that require them to apply their learning to novel situations, synthesize complex ideas, and stretch their thinking. Teachers use comprehensive narratives and standards-based indicators in their evaluations.

Grayson also provides standardized testing plans via the NWEA MAP, PSAT, and Pre-ACT to introduce students to the assessments they will encounter in preparation for college.


Students draw connections between theory and real-world phenomena while mastering foundational algebraic, geometric, and statistical techniques. Enhancing mathematical understanding with technology is a feature of these courses, helping students develop the skills to visualize, manipulate, and analyze concepts. At Grayson, there are no limits on math levels: If your gifted child is ready for Calculus in Middle School, they will study Calculus with their Middle School peers.

English & Social Studies

Courses challenge students to grapple with broad themes–from American Voices to The Age of Empire–using primary sources, self-directed research, and discussion-based seminar-style classes. Grayson Middle School students become confident writers and communicators while finding their own voice through authentic opportunities for communication and scholarship.

Computer Science

In Middle School, we expose students to numerous industry-standard technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Unity, and Python. They emerge from eighth grade with a portfolio of meaningful projects, and develop an understanding of the function and use of AI from a technological literacy, humanities, and social science perspective. A Robotics elective prepares students to join our Upper School VEX Robotics competitive teams.


Grayson Middle School students spend an entire year devoted to Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Our advanced laboratory science program includes a hands-on 90-minute lab every week. Skills and concepts such as lab report writing and the scientific method are central, as students learn to represent and analyze the natural phenomena around them.

World Languages

Students have a choice of Spanish, Latin, or Mandarin.

Visual and Performing Arts

Choices include project-based music and art classes, original instrument design and construction, 3D print and design, film scoring, comic art, music composition, animation, auditioned and non-auditioned vocal and instrumental ensembles, digital art, graphic design, and photography.


Bringing Big Ideas to Life

Grayson’s Projects curriculum challenges students to solve problems through collaborative and design thinking. Our Middle School students learn to set ambitious goals, take intellectual risks, and to recover when they fail.

Projects are designed specifically to promote critical thinking, leadership, collaboration, and communication. Our gifted Middle School students learn to develop real-world skills in a variety of professional domains such as engineering, circuitry, carpentry, and prototyping. By teaching them to safely use real power tools from soldering irons to scroll saws, we expand their capabilities to realize their ideas. They also see that we take them seriously as thinkers and problem-solvers.
Art project designed by gifted middle schoolers at The Grayson School

Acrylic Cathedral

One group recently designed and built an elaborate “Acrylic Cathedral” from the ruins of all the acrylic panels our school used during the pandemic. Students designed windows telling the story of the universe from the Big Bang to the birth of the modern world and far into the future.

Pre-digital Kinetic Products

Other groups immersed themselves in forgotten American history, culture, and people to simulate pre-digital kinetic products such as a modern model of King Kong on the Empire State Building; a carnival game based on the history of the powdered wig; and a version of the game “Operation” based on real-world conditions during the Civil War.


Beyond the Classroom

Middle School students propose and run their own clubs, allowing them to build connections based on shared interests such as Drone Racing, Rainbow Club; Environmental Action Club; and Dungeons & Dragons.

Visual & Performing Arts

In Visual Arts, our Middle School students develop their own portfolios and augment their program with electives such as En Plein Air, Graphic Design, and Animation.Opportunities include Instrumental and Vocal Ensembles, Chorale, Chamber Jazz Ensemble, Middle & Upper School Musical, Costume and Set Design, and Theatre Tech.

Academic Competitions

Middle school students may also participate in competitions by joining our Chess Team, competitive Math Team, esports, and VEX Robotics teams.


Our Athletics program grows each year and currently includes opportunities for archery, soccer, cross country, tennis, fencing, and ultimate frisbee.

Community Service

Students are encouraged to participate in school-sponsored service opportunities for Day of Gratitude and Earth Day as well as out-of-school community service projects.

Grayson Parent Association

Our active and engaged parent association leads celebrations such as our Family Fall Festival; community service projects for our Day of Gratitude; teacher appreciation efforts; classroom activities; social events; and fundraising. All parents are encouraged to get involved!

Upper School Faculty Member

“My daughter’s education has been about empowerment and ownership; I don’t think she would have had that experience at any other school. She decided which electives she’s taking, and she has a lot of autonomy in advocating for herself with teachers. The expectations and responsibilities have set her up for the challenges of Upper School.”

— Middle School parent