We are very excited to offer a delicious, organic, and locally-sourced daily lunch program  for the 2017-2018 school year from JPM Catering in Ardmore!

We have explored many options based on the feedback from our parent community, and we hope you’ll like the menu, flexibility, and easy online ordering. This local, family-owned caterer currently offers vegetarian choices, and we are working with them over the summer to also offer gluten-free options.  Each meal consists of a main, side dish, and dessert; all  produce and cheeses are organic, and all meats are raised without hormones or antibiotics. All of the food, including baked goods, is prepared fresh daily, and delivered hot in compostable packaging. Both Haverford Friends and Gladwyne Montessori are using this service and gave us great reviews.

4 Easy Steps to Order!
  1. Visit www.jpmcatering.com/shop select “School Lunches” and “Grayson School”
  2. Select the month you are ordering for
  3. Enter child’s information and then select which lunches you want your child to receive
    • There are two options everyday:  “regular” and “picky eater (PO).”  Regular is also available in small size.  There is a drop down menu above your child’s name to select which option you choose.
  4. Pay for order with credit card

JPM prefers that  lunches are bulk ordered online prior to the start of each month. Orders can also be placed online after the start of the month (guaranteed with at least 24 hours notice).

UNPLANNED ABSENCES: Refunds are not currently available for unplanned absences. Arrangements can be made with child’s teacher to retrieve lunch later in the day or next day.

PLANNED ABSENCES/SNOW DAYS: If they are notified 24 hours in advance, JPM will gladly refund your child’s lunch in full for that day. If there is a snow day, refunds will automatically be given within 72 hours.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the school lunch program, please reach out to Amy Stoios.

Special Offer from JPM Catering

To help all families get familiar with the quality and types of food that you can expect, JPM Catering is offering a 20% discount at their fast-casual BYOB, The Tasting Room, located at 8 East Lancaster Ave in Ardmore.  Just stop by and tell the staff you’d like the “Grayson discount” to receive the deal. This discount will be valid through Labor Day.

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