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Young writers honored for their poetry

Three Grayson students have been chosen for publication in the recently concluded Fall 2023 poetry contest hosted by Creative Communication, an organization “devoted to the promotion of writing, teaching, and appreciation for student writing.” Their nationwide poetry and essay contests are open to young writers in grades K-9.

In the most recent season, Creative Communication received over 10,000 submissions from young writers across the country. Kelly DiLullo, Differentiation Lead Teacher, is very proud that all three of the Grayson 3rd-grade students who submitted their work have been chosen for publication. “It’s a great honor for these students, and motivating for them as writers. I hope to have more students be inspired to submit their work,” Ms. DiLullo says.

Meet the poets and read their poems

Poetry is a medium for self-expression that encourages writers to adopt a unique and compelling voice they might not use in other forms of writing. Harrison, a particularly gifted young poet, “eloquently expresses his thoughts and emotions in a very profound poem you might not expect to read from a child his age,” says Ms. DiLullo. “It’s quite extraordinary.” His poem, titled “Some Things Are Best Unknown,” invites contemplation and introspection as it wonders at the mysteries of life.

Mahoney and Maurice are two other standout 3rd-grade poets whose work will be honored with publication. Taking inspiration from a recent unit on poetry in Ms. Tocio’s class, these budding wordsmiths express themselves through different styles of poetry in their submissions. In “My Snowman,” Mahoney’s thoughts flow naturally and expressively as he shares the expereince of playing in the snow. The cold weather is also on Maurice’s mind in “Snowy Place,” in which a light, wintry rhyme offers readers a glimpse of his vivid imagination and artistry. 

This is a copy of the poem to be published later this year.

A poetic legacy in our library

A copy of the Creative Communication Fall 2023 anthology of selected poetry will be added to our school library’s permanent collection so future generations of Grayson Lower School students can draw inspiration from the exceptional creativity demonstrated by Harrison, Maurice, and Mahoney. And as we celebrate their achievement, it is important to also acknowledge the support and encouragement of their teachers and families. The entire Grayson School community takes pride in their success.

At The Grayson School, we foster a culture of excellence, empowering students to explore their passions and reach new heights. We look forward to witnessing more incredible achievements from these and all our students in the future!

This is a photo of a sample Creative Communication Poetry Anthology.

We would love to show you our school

If you would like to learn more about our Lower School English and Language Arts program, or the many other ways we nurture the unlimited potential of our students in grades PreK-12, please schedule a private tour of our school. We look forward to meeting you soon.


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