Foreign Languages: Grayson students will have a choice of foreign languages beginning, with Spanish
and Chinese in 1st grade and expanding to include Latin, French, German, and possibly others, in
middle school.

The Arts: Performing arts, painting, sculpture and other forms of artistic expression. These courses
enable students to explore, experiment, and then focus on their own particular interests and talents.
They also are also able to showcase some of their work in the arts in the hallways of the school, in
arranged exhibits with community partners, and in student publications such as the school’s literary

Physical Education: Through physical and health education, students will engage both physically and
mentally in activities designed to help understand the benefit and value of a physically active and
healthy lifestyle. Mindfulness and mediation will be part of the health curriculum starting in the first
grade. And in a unique Grayson twist, S.T.E.A.M will be brought into the gym as students explore the
art and science of sport.

Design: With a focus on technical literacy and solution-driven creativity, this time will give students an
option for how to pursue the study of design. Students may choose from robotics, architecture or
product design.

Independent Study: This is the students’ time to structure as they wish. They may chose guided
instruction in an engineering concept related to a current project, or facilitated exploration or working
to deepen a connection to content taught in another subject. This time may be used for individual or
group work, or it may be used to attend set faculty office hours.