My Grayson


Ages 3–4

All young children question, explore, and discover—gifted preschool students take things to the next level!

Grayson’s PreK teachers appreciate the ways in which very young children express big thoughts and complex ideas. In PreK, we nurture your child’s  budding intellectual potential and cultivate their energy, curiosity, and enthusiasm for learning.

By balancing play with high-level academics, and cognitive development with social-emotional growth, our program for gifted preschoolers gives young children a wonderful first school experience.

Prek students conducting a science experiment on color mixing.


Grayson’s PreK classrooms, much like what you would expect, incorporate lots of colorful books, building blocks, learning manipulatives, art projects, and direct instruction in reading and math at the student’s readiness level. 

We take gifted preschool children seriously as thinkers, no matter how young they are.

PreK students looking for interesting objects in nature.

Our faculty, including subject-matter experts, comes to class with the understanding that each student thinks differently and has a unique way that they learn best. Our teachers introduce big concepts early and let students explore those ideas, ask questions, and make discoveries.

Engaging children’s natural zeal for exploration is the central focus of our program.


Whether your child is already reading or enjoys being read to, our teachers develop reading and writing skills by engaging our students in small-group and individual instruction. We foster a love of reading and learning.


Through structured and unstructured mathematical activities, students learn foundational mathematic concepts and apply these to real-life situations using manipulatives, number stories, and games. Our program is intentionally designed to engage all students with material at their appropriate level.

Computer Science

Our program is based on the four pillars of computational thinking: pattern recognition, problem decomposition, abstraction, and algorithms. Students explore through unplugged activities—those that don’t involve devices.


Exploration and observation are at the core of science in Pre-Kindergarten. With our Lower School science teacher, students discover scientific phenomena using all five senses, learn to interpret information in a scientific manner, and record findings like budding scientists.

World Languages

PreK students learn Mandarin through play and real-life activities.


Authentic Exploration

Grayson’s PreK teachers are absolute masters at following children’s passions and interests and helping students pursue them at a deeper level with intentionality.

For example, when learning about erosion and how dunes protect our beaches, students worked together to build and conduct tests in their own beach simulation tanks.

Gifted Children Doing Classroom Projects

A question about the importance of handwashing might lead to an investigation using ultraviolet light and microscopes to examine germs on surfaces. When studying  Incan civilization, PreK students become young archaeologists using real tools and practices to uncover artifacts.

Such authentic exploration makes learning meaningful and exciting for gifted preschoolers.


Beyond the Classroom

Carefully curated field trips and assembly programs are both educational and fun, as we believe in the power of experiential learning. Whether it involves exploring a pumpkin patch or visiting a nature preserve, each trip is designed to spark students’ curiosity and imagination.

School Traditions

Our school traditions foster a sense of fun, belonging, and community. Our youngest students participate in a myriad of activities and traditions such as Cultural Celebration Night, when our families gather to share food, family traditions, and cultural experiences; VIP Day, when the important people in our students’ lives spend a morning at Grayson; and Winterfest, a celebration of music and visual arts.

Special Days

During the year, our students eagerly look forward to unique in-school workshops, guests, and celebrations for Pi Day, Read Across America Day, Star Wars Day, and Rocket Day.

Performing Arts

Students may join Gryphonix Mini, our youngest vocal ensemble, or take voice or music lessons during the day. All PreK students participate in our annual Lower School musical theater production and Winterfest, a celebration of music and art each December.

Community Service

Students participate in school-sponsored service activities for Day of Gratitude and Earth Day.

Grayson Parent Association

Building community is a critical component of a Grayson family experience. The parent association leads celebrations such as our Family Fall Festival; community service projects for our Day of Gratitude; teacher appreciation efforts; classroom activities; social events; and fundraising. All parents are encouraged to get involved!

Parent of a PreK Student

“I love that Grayson meets students where they are and has a specific plan to get them to their goals. All students are different, and getting to see how our child’s classmates are gifted in so many ways and how the teachers respond to each child uniquely is so reassuring and lovely.”

— Parent of a PreK Student