Grayson GROWS to grade 8!

The PA Department of Education has approved expansion of The Grayson School academic license to include grades 7-8 for their second year.

After launching The Grayson School as Pennsylvania’s first and only independent school for gifted learners in 2015, offering classes for students in grades K-6, The Grayson School is proud to announce that the school continues to GROW! 

APPROVED for 7th & 8th grades

According to Melissa Bilash, Founder and Co-Director of The Grayson School, “We place no ceilings or limits on what our students can learn each year, as our motto reflects: unlimited potential, endless possibilities. Our strategic plan calls for continued expansion of our program, offering PreK through grade 12 over the next few years, to meet the needs of our current student body as well as those of the broader gifted community. We are excited to be ahead of schedule in meeting this ambitious goal.”

The Grayson School, located in Broomall, PA, is the only school of its kind within a 125-mile radius, and has seen its enrollment double in the last year. See more points of pride from the 2015-16 inaugural year and a timeline of the school’s history. Their unique, vertical curriculum meets the needs and abilities of these extraordinary students in an environment that truly is “all gifted, all day.”

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