Scroll to find links and information on some of the tools we use at Grayson, resource links, our our online etiquette guidelines, and how to access tech support if you are having any issues in accessing remote learning.

Here is a list of common links that you may need:

Alma (our Student Information System) can help you locate staff and faculty email addresses, student schedules, records and reports:

  • Log into Alma at If you’ve never logged in before or have forgotten your password, please email Susan to send you a password reset link. As a reminder to those of you who haven’t logged in for a while, your username follows the format first name.last name (for example, susan.pedersen).
  • Once logged in, you should be able to see your student(s)’s class schedule. Teachers also post assignments to Alma, and you can view your student(s)’s attendance or look up directory information for his or her teachers.
  • If you have any specific questions related to the content on your Alma account, please reach out to Susan directly.

Google Classroom is now being used by all Grayson students in our academic program

For our best practices, and private and secure delivery, all school content is delivered through our Google Classroom. On Google Classroom, there are a few features that our faculty will consistently use across all classes:

  • All School Community Stream: The purpose is to build community — think of this as the social media channel inside our school! It is not meant for important or required communications and assignments that can get lost — this stream is a great place to find morning options, club reminders, extra project challenges, pop culture questions, the latest Rubik’s challenge, and more. All optional activities for our students. Only faculty will post, but students are encouraged to comment.  Students should not share non-school related links within Google Classroom.
  • Specific Classroom and Grade Level Streams: This is the first stop for students/families to check their messages from their teachers, and to get the most current information in real time. This is your student’s classroom teacher announcement, standing at the door of your virtual classroom with direction on where to go, or what to do next. You may be directed to an online classroom link, or to curricular work for the period, or to the classwork page for specific assignments.
  • Classwork: This is the key area where students/families go for specific class assignments, resource links necessary to complete assignments, and for class-specific information and expectations. Most recent assignments will appear at the top.

In order to protect our students’s privacy online, all classroom assignments are delivered through Google Classroom, including links to all Zoom meetings.  Your student will not receive emails or calendar links for these meetings so that they are not public.

If you use Chrome as your browser (on anything other than a school Chromebook), please consider:

  • When your child finishes his/her classes, be sure they log out of the G-suite accounts for school on their device(s) and log back in the next school day. Be sure they log out of their school G-suite account in the browser too.
  • Turn off “Allow Chrome sign-in” your Google Chrome settings by clicking on the three dots (top right on screen), then Settings/You and Google/Sync and Google services.


Zoom is one of the tools being used for remote instruction. We have instituted  Zoom recommendations for School Administration usage of their platform for privacy that include:

      • Students will be placed in a “waiting room” until their teacher invites them into a meeting. Students must use their real name, or they will not be allowed in the class.
      • Within this platform, we restrict the use of student only Group Chat and Instant Messaging (outside of faculty led classroom chat).  
      • Students under the age of 18 are not permitted to create an account per Zoom’s Terms of Service; access is provided only through the Grayson Google Classroom (not a student’s personal account). Students should be able to access sessions as participants through the Zoom link posted in their Grayson Classroom.

To read Zoom’s current privacy policy and the information they collect, please visit their privacy statement: If you do not consent to your child using Zoom under this privacy statement, please notify your student’s divisional lead ASAP for accommodations should they need remote learning in the future.


GoGuardian is used to monitor students’ computer activity while logged in to a device via their Grayson login. To ensure that non-school activity is not being monitored, you should make certain that your child is signed out of their Google Classroom account once the school day is over. This is a new practice for them because Grayson computers stayed at school and thus did not track any non-school activity once the kids left the building. This is particularly important if students are using a family computer; GoGuardian may flag activity of other users if the Grayson student’s classroom account is running in another window.

Please contact your Administrative Director with any questions.

Further recommendations

For more information and additional opportunities to secure your at home systems and devices, we really like these recommendations from Duck Duck Go.

Online Etiquette Guidelines

Click the image to read and review these guidelines with your student.