Congratulations to the 359 Delaware County students who answered 111,571 questions correctly in a Sumdog online math contest!

Sumdog is an online math program for kids K-8 to build math fluency and accuracy through individual and multi-player games and contests. Bobbi Portnoy, a Grayson teacher, shares that her students love Sumdog as a fun, competitive game, and even opted to forgo recess a few times during the contest week to play against each other and build their standings!

We are very proud of our Grayson students, who placed 3rd in all categories:

  • 3rd place in top scoring classes (2-3 class)
  • 3rd place among daily high scoring classes (4-6 math class)
  • 3rd place in students who answered the most questions correctly (Julieta D).

Go Grayson!

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