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You Provide Endless Possibilities

Make your investment today and celebrate the possibilities you are providing to Grayson students to develop their unlimited potential. With your help, we can continue to create innovative, flexible, and unique experiences for our students and support our teachers in meeting the needs of gifted learners.

Supporting Grayson

Your support allows Grayson to realize its mission: to provide gifted children a challenging, research-based education worthy of their intellect and their intrinsic desire to learn and think deeply.

Like most universities and independent schools, tuition at Grayson does not cover the costs of everything we need to ensure your child receives the education they deserve.

Our innovative academic programs

Our faculty who work tirelessly to educate our students

Scholarships for students who would not otherwise be able to afford our gifted focused education

Improvement of our facilities

Kristen Luke-Brooks

Kristen Luke Brooks


Please contact Kristen Luke Brooks with any questions about how to give to Grayson.

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Engage with Grayson and be proud of your connection to our innovative community by:

Supporting the next generation of innovators and inventors

Meeting new people

Making a difference in our community

Sharing your skills and experiences

Enabling opportunities for students to attend Grayson

We Appreciate Your Support of The Grayson School

Without donors like you, we could not provide innovative, research-based gifted education to our students. Thank you!
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Why We Donate

Michael & Andrea Winslow

It’s amazing to see the enthusiasm for school that Quincy has since he started attending Grayson. He just was not engaged at his previous school but we knew for a fact that he was capable of so much. Grayson unlocked that in him and we are so grateful. We give to Grayson because of everything Grayson gives to our son!

— Michael & Andrea Winslow, Parents

Erica Nemser

“The Grayson School is the exemplar of a gifted education: meeting kids where they are, delivering a differentiated experience, and serving a wide gifted audience from a range of backgrounds. It has completely reinvented what education is, and how education is delivered. Grayson is not only transforming the educational experience for my kids, but for the educational landscape as whole – now and for future generations. Grayson does all this from a standing start – the school didn’t exist 10 years ago. It is an incredible testament to the visionary team, the committed teachers, the can-do staff, and the parents who trust and believe in the promise and the path. I can think of no greater investment.”

— Erica Nemser, Board of Trustees

Jeff Spanke

“Our world is facing greater challenges than ever before. Those with gifts and high levels of all kinds of abilities will be the ones to ensure our future. Grayson serves those kids. It only makes sense, then, to serve The Grayson School.”

— Jeff Spanke, Research Advisory Board