Allison Brill

    Ms. Brill joined Grayson in 2020 as a Lower School teacher, having most recently been a founding faculty member at the Feynman School for gifted children in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. In more than a decade of teaching gifted children, Ms. Brill celebrates creative problem-solving, using both formal methods and intuitive structures to develop collaborative courses of action. Ms. Brill is passionate about facilitating the growth of creative, curious kids, and is eager to serve an institution built on collaboration, equity, inquiry, and compassion.

    Ms. Brill earned her undergraduate degree from Vassar College in Hispanic Studies with a concentration in Elementary Education, and her dedication to gifted children has led her to pursue graduate work at the University of Connecticut’s Renzulli Center for Gifted Education, Creativity, and Talent Development.

    Ms. Brill loves to sing, play board games and video games, kayak, read, and go to the movies, and this past year, she learned how to work with stained glass. She and her collection of Egyptian-style blue faience hippos live with a “Labra-dwarf” dog named Ruby, who knows that she plays a mean game of Skee-Ball.