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Alyssa Lucas Grothaus

Alyssa Lucas Grothaus

English/Language Arts and Mathematics

Alyssa Grothaus believes in fostering a love of learning and inquisitiveness that her students can associate with their everyday lives, and her classes are guided by open discussion and hands-on exploratory learning opportunities.

Ms. Grothaus graduated summa cum laude from Elon University with a B.A. in Elementary Education. She previously taught grades 4 and 5 at River Mill Academy in North Carolina. As an undergraduate, Ms. Grothaus studied education on a global scale through an internship in London and completed a research study on the importance of physical activity for activating student attention.

Growing the minds of gifted students is one of her passions and one of the primary reasons Ms. Grothaus chose to become a teacher. She has written differentiated curriculum for elementary mathematics, reading, and science, and has presented at both national and world gifted conferences on teaching gifted English/Language Arts.