Amy Stoios

    Ms. Stoios directs all of The Grayson School’s educational efforts, from curriculum development to assessing student progress. Most recently, she has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses at Eastern University’s School of Education. Her classes emphasize children who need special support in their learning, and her coursework includes key components of teaching gifted students.

    A staunch advocate for students who require accommodation in the classroom, Ms. Stoios’s professional experience and academic background have always centered around maximizing the educational experience for students whose needs fall outside the “typical” learning style of most classrooms. To this end, she holds a certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Education as a Supervisor of Special Education as a capstone to her additional certifications as a Reading Specialist, Elementary Education (K-6), and Mentally and/or Physically Handicapped Students.

    Ms. Stoios has also worked as an Elementary Special Education Liaison for the West Chester Area School District, where she acted as a Local Education Agency (LEA) in meetings for students identified as special education and/or gifted learners. In that role, she served as a resource to teachers, aiding them in differentiating instruction, and helped parents of these students with different learning styles navigate the school system. Her role also included serving gifted students who were dually identified as having additional needs.

    Her career prior to her LEA work also reflects her lifelong commitment to helping children with special educational needs. She worked as an early intervention specialist for children aged birth to three years and for children aged three to five years, in various locations including Drexel Hill, Springfield, and Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. She has been part of a therapeutic support team for Central Montgomery County and has acted as a behavioral health worker in Flourtown, Pennsylvania. Ms. Stoios has also sought out training in all aspects of special education, covering topics ranging from disabled students under No Child Left Behind and social skills programming to autism spectrum disorders and behavioral intervention strategies.

    Ms. Stoios’s educational philosophy is that each student should have the opportunity to develop his or her unique potential through access to a quality educational program in a supportive learning environment. Ms. Stoios holds a Master’s degree from Eastern University in Multicultural Education with a focus in reading. During her graduate study, she was awarded membership in Kappa Delta Pi, an international honor society in the field of education. She earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from The Pennsylvania State University in State College, Pennsylvania. She has also completed graduate-level certification courses as well as over 100 hours of professional development in gifted education.