Anna Brown

    Ms. Brown is a Teacher on Assignment at the Grayson School. She has experience teaching and doing social work in various parts of the U.S. including New Orleans, LA and Nashville, TN. She earned a Master’s of Science in Social Work from the University of Tennessee College of Social Work. 

    As an Educator, Ms. Brown believes that it’s a priority and privilege to learn with students rather than just lecturing to students. Also never losing the spirit of wonder is crucial to her. Teaching has been a joyous part of every step throughout her career. 

    Ms. Brown has many interests. Some include knitting, cooking, hiking and film. She even has experience in the film industry working with actors and actresses like Denzel Washington and Kate Hudson. Originally Ms. Brown hails from Nashville, TN but now she calls Philadelphia her new home. 

    photo of Samantha Soprano, Athletic Director