Carrie Waldron-Brown, M.A.

    Carrie Waldron-Brown

    Carrie Waldron-Brown serves as Chair of the Language Arts Department at Grayson.

    Ms. Waldron-Brown is the founder of “Between the Lines,” where she is a writing coach, an English tutor, and an educational organizer and strategist. Ms. Waldron-Brown’s lifelong dedication to education has included over a decade as an English teacher, most recently at Radnor High School and Episcopal Academy, but she has recently created a new niche for herself as an inspired tutor for middle and high school students. Ms. Waldron-Brown has worked in numerous educational settings in roles as varied as a Writing Center Director, student advisor, and athletics coach. Early in her career, she noticed a pressing need for stronger writing instruction; her research findings spurred her to create a writing resource handbook and launch her first Writing Center, a place where students go to receive support with any and all writing needs. She has gained recognition as an innovative and proactive thinker with sound teaching abilities, exceptional writing skills, and long-term, supportive tutoring expertise.

    Ms. Waldron-Brown, herself a student in talented and gifted education programs, earned her B.A. from Columbia University’s Barnard College with magna cum laude and English Department Honors, and she holds an M.A. in English Literature from Middlebury College at Oxford University. Her passion for teaching brings her students much more than improved grades and bolstered grammar and mechanics skills — they develop strengthened confidence, conviction, and clarity in their writing skills, analytical growth, enjoyment of literature, and heightened comprehension of prose and poetry.

    Ms. Waldron-Brown and her husband live in Devon with their two children. Her daughter is an 8th grader at T/E Middle School, and her son is a 6th grade student at The Grayson School.