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Catie Doherty

Catie Doherty

Mathematics and Science

As an educator, Catie Doherty brings learning from her own educational experience in creating an environment of mutual respect.

Ms. Doherty graduated from George Washington University summa cum laude with a B.A. degree in Environmental Studies and a minor in Public Health. She is a strong advocate for environmental and health policy and believes that understanding must be accompanied by getting involved. Her professional experience has involved grassroots organizing and training adults, which she applies to her work in the classroom, sharing that “it is vital to listen to people about their experiences to figure out the areas with the most growth potential.”

A professor in college, who worked in the UN on children’s rights, always reinforced that society needs to do better in acknowledging that children’s inner worlds and understandings are just as rich and complex as adults. Ms. Doherty shares, “My philosophy is treating the children’s emotions (good or bad) and thoughts (logical or wildly silly and creative) with respect and dignity.”