Devon Pincus

    Devon Pincus joins the Grayson staff as a Teaching Assistant after graduating from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education. During her practicum teaching in college, Ms. Pincus was immersed in gifted education classrooms. This led her to our school to expand her teaching lens with high-ability learners.

    As an educator, Ms. Pincus values the role one must take on as both a researcher and an inquirer in order to be a responsive teacher. While new in the field, she has seen the importance of  differentiating lessons to best meet the needs of individual students and shares, “Teaching is a continuous learning process, and I find the experience of co-teaching to be enlightening as both the teacher and in working as a team, collaborating and learning from each other.”

    Ms. Pincus really loves and values her ability to travel, where she can immerse herself in new places, and challenge herself to learn about new cultures. She grew up on the Main Line and is happy to be back in the area for now as her goal is to one day teach around the world.