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Erica Nemser, Ph.D.

Erica Nemser, Ph.D.


Erica is CEO/COO of Compact Membrane Systems (CMS), on a mission to save the planet through technology to capture and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, avert global warming, and transform industry into a long term sustainable enterprise. She is responsible for shifting the culture, mindset, and operations from a domestic science-driven R&D lab to a globally-active, commercially successful organization.

Today, CMS is characterized by robust in-house manufacturing capabilities, continued IP generation, and delivery and support of solutions at scale to the multinational industry titans that are our customers and strategic partners.

Prior to CMS, Erica spent 13 years at McKinsey & Co., serving pharmaceutical and medical clients on product launch, portfolio optimization, operations, brand management, acquisition, and stakeholder management. At McKinsey, Erica led several global change initiatives, including a worldwide effort to recruit, retain, promote, and elect McKinsey’s most talented women. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and earned her B.A. from Johns Hopkins University.

Erica is the proud parent of two Grayson students.