Jessica Curtiss

    Jessica Curtiss brings over 14 years’ experience in education and extracurricular activities for children to her role as Associate Director of Events and Enrichment at The Grayson School.

    In addition to writing curriculum, mentoring coaches and teachers, and handling the daily operations of a local children’s athletic facility, Jessica was the Site Director for the Episcopal Academy location of ESF Camp, where she managed year-round enrollment for over 1,000 families.

    At Grayson, Coach Curtiss can be seen with a whistle around her neck, rallying people young and old. Whether teaching Physical Education, consulting on a twisted ankle, directing the student body in an aerial photo, organizing Founders’ Day, or setting up the milk and cookie display for Grayson’s annual Winterfest festivities, she leads with compassion and humility. Her educational philosophy is simple but effective: work hard and be nice to people.

    Jessica holds a degree in Secondary Education Social Studies and a minor in Coaching. She lives with her husband and four children in Malvern, where she is a very active volunteer in their schools.