L. Marshall Pupo

    Marshall Pupo teaches Spanish at Grayson. He is a Language and history scholar eager to bring the coming generations up to 21st-century social and cultural sensitivity standards by exposing them to the diversity of thought and experience that forms and continually modifies languages. Mr. Pupo earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Temple University with a double major in Spanish for Education and Classical Languages/Literature and a Master of Education degree from Villanova University with a concentration in K-12 World Languages.

    Mr. Pupo fosters student exploration in and out of the school environment and the content of the courses he teaches. He believes that all education should strive toward promoting broad, free-thinking and a positive, growth-oriented outlook on life.

    When he is not teaching, Mr. Pupo enjoys fencing, history (especially ancient), computer gaming, and travel. He lives in Media with his poodle, Louis, and cat, Figaro.