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Lindsay Andreas

Lindsay Andreas


Lindsay Andreas is a teacher because she believes that by empowering students to learn the difference between how to think and what to think is the only way to overcome injustice and inequality.

Ms. Andreas earned dual undergraduate degrees in History and in Education from American University, where she also earned her M.Ed. degree in Secondary School Education. Prior to joining the Grayson faculty, Ms. Andreas worked in the Washington, D.C. public school system, where she taught AP U. S. Government; U. S. Government and Politics; and D.C. History, all of which were writing-intensive courses. She has also worked with the Close Up Foundation, a nonprofit institution whose mission is to help students “exercise the rights and accept the responsibilities of citizens in a democracy.” During her time with Close Up, she was privileged to work with students from nearly all 50 states, and she worked closely with programs supporting the Bureau of Indian Affairs and English Language Learners.

Ms. Andreas' focus is on meeting the high expectations of her students and the social-emotional support that will help them achieve those high expectations in their learning community.