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Luther Rinehart, Ph.D.

Luther Rinehart, Ph.D.


Dr. Luther Rinehart shares his passion for mathematics and promotes independent thinking and an understanding of concepts, beyond merely memorizing facts in his classrooms.

Dr. Rinehart obtained his B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Chicago, and his M.S. in Physics from the University of Pittsburgh. In August of 2022, he earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Texas A&M University, where his advisor was Dr. Stephen A. Fulling, whose work led to the discovery of the hypothetical Unruh effect. Dr. Rinehart’s research interests include classical field theory, quantum field theory, algebraic quantum mechanics, symplectic geometry, and applications of differential geometry and functional analysis. He is the author of Modern Mathematics – A Handbook of Definitions and Theorems.

Dr. Rinehart is also passionate about music, having graduated from the American Boychoir School in 2005, and has sung with the Schola Cantorum of Gettysburg, the University of Chicago Early Music Ensemble, and the Pittsburgh Compline Choir. He is interested in Renaissance and Baroque music and plays the violin and treble viol.