Majesta Bianco

    Majesta Bianco is a Lower School teacher at Grayson. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from West Chester University and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Rosemont College.  A strong instructional leader with significant knowledge of pedagogy and a solid foundation in all elementary content areas, Ms. Bianco has worked with students from all over the world and brings this experience to her classroom.

    As an educator, she creates a classroom community where everyone feels safe and comfortable and where she teaches her students to think critically about the world around them so that they can grow into compassionate, open-minded, and civically minded citizens. Ms. Bianco has a strong literacy background and is trained in the Readers and Writers workshop model.

    Ms. Bianco loves to travel and has visited over 30 different countries and most of the United States. She also enjoys
    hiking, kayaking, camping, and pretty much everything that involves spending time in nature. Ms. Bianco was born in California but grew up in Pennsylvania and has lived in New Zealand, Ethiopia and China. She now calls Pennsylvania home with her husband, a music teacher, and their young son.