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Meghan Vetter

Meghan Vetter


Meghan Vetter brings a strong background in mathematics and experience as an educator to Grayson. She helps her students learn in a joy-filled and rigorous way with inquiry-based lessons presented through engaging activities.

Ms. Vetter holds a M.Ed. degree in Secondary Mathematics Education from Saint Joseph’s University and a B.S. degree in Mathematics from Loyola University Chicago. As an undergraduate, she was awarded the Father Rust, S.J. Memorial Award, given each year to one student with an outstanding academic record in mathematics or statistics. She was also able to study abroad at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary, where she learned more about using a problem-solving approach to teaching mathematics.

She is particularly interested in how to involve students in modern mathematics research, a topic she pursued through a program at Illinois State University. Her work there also resulted in an article in Graph Theory (in press), “On 5-Edge Hypertree Decompositions of Complete 3-Uniform Hypergraphs,” which explores methods for mapping mathematical objects onto one another to better understand their characteristics. She has also served as a coach for an extracurricular competitive mathematics team, a role which allowed her to teach advanced topics such as combinatorics and number theory.