Nicole Smith

    Ms. Smith brings to Grayson a love of teaching young children, especially those requiring special educational attention. Her enthusiasm for gifted learners, in particular, is the impulse that drove her to seek out a position with us.

    Most recently, Ms. Smith worked at Chester Community Charter school, where she taught classes of gifted 5th graders. It was while teaching these students that she discovered that she loves the flexible and open way gifted children think, allowing them to make surprising connections between disparate ideas. She also has experience teaching much younger students, including PreK and Kindergarten. Her passion for student engagement has also powered her interests in extracurricular programming, since the inherent flexibility of those courses can often be a place for innovative thinking and out-of- the-box learning; she is excited to be able to bring that same interdisciplinary approach and thought-provoking energy to her daily classroom teaching at Grayson. Ms. Smith holds a dual degree in Elementary Education and in Early Childhood Education from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

    When not teaching, Ms. Smith can be found absorbed in reading, especially thrillers and mysteries — a passion which unfortunately does not earn her any credits towards the specialized Master’s degree in Reading she is in the midst of pursuing. She also loves to travel with her husband, Sam, and to play with their dachshund, Monkey, as well as spending time cooking and hosting family get-togethers at their home.