Shannon Fitzpatrick

    Shannon Fitzpatrick is a highly enthusiastic, devoted teacher with over ten years of classroom instruction. She is extremely creative, collaborative, and dedicated to helping her students reach their full potential by creating differentiated activities that encourage all to be intrinsically motivated learners.

    Ms. Fitzpatrick shares that “it is an absolute joy to work with Grayson students who think so deeply, creatively and have such a strong natural desire to learn, invent, and build.  Each new day, we continue to unleash our unlimited potential, share our passions, and help one another understand and wonder about all sorts of complex things that come our way.”

    Ms. Fitzpatrick earned a B.A. in English from Ursinus College, where she spent a semester abroad in London, and a M.A. in Elementary Education from The College of New Jersey.  Her own ongoing pursuit of knowledge and adventure led her to teaching assignments is La Paz, Bolivia and Cape Town, South Africa.  Shannon was named an A+ Educator in the 2019 Main Line Parent annual survey.

    Ms. Fitzpatrick enjoys fishing, hiking, exploring, adventuring, road trips, and exploring our national parks with her husband and two children.