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Susan Pedersen

Susan Pedersen

Administrative Coordinator

You’ve probably heard Susan Pedersen’s voice in some capacity as she coordinates many facets of The Grayson School’s enrollment and academic administration, liaises between families and senior administration, and edits Grayson’s weekly newsletter, The Gryphon-gram.

Ms. Pedersen earned her M.A. degree in English from Villanova in 2014. She has taught at the University of Delaware and for The Princeton Review. While she has held many other positions in fields unrelated to education, she has always managed to find opportunities to help others, and herself, learn. These ventures include developing bilingual training materials for a food processing facility; showing cafe employees how to make the perfect omelet; and helping coordinate Villanova’s annual literary festival.

Ms. Pedersen’s extensive experience as a writer lends itself well to a vibrant community that has much to say.