Xiaomin Ma

    Xiaomin Ma, a native of China, joins Grayson’s faculty as the Mandarin instructor for all our students.   She has taught art and Mandarin to students in Kindergarten through 8th grade in schools as far away as Yinglan Education Center in Beijing and as nearby as Springside Chestnut Hill Academy in Philadelphia.

    In her classroom, she creates an open and interactive atmosphere in which students are encouraged to exchange ideas with her and with their peers. Games, puzzles, songs, and stories are her favorite kinds of lessons, as they encourage active student participation and engagement.  Her primary teaching goal is for her students to enjoy themselves while learning, so “play to learn” and “learn to play” are central to the spirit of her teaching style.

    Ms. Ma holds a Master’s degree in Education from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where she wrote her graduate thesis, “Art Education in China since 1978: A Report Card,” which has since been published.  She earned her B.A. with honors from Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in China, where she was awarded and full scholarship as well as the Excellent Student Award.