Tuition and fees are determined annually.

The Grayson School’s tuition for 2020-21 is $32,000 for grades K-10, and $24,000 for pre-K.

The Grayson School offers admission on a need-blind basis. In other words, a student’s application is considered and an admissions decision is made without regard to his or her need for financial assistance from the school. After the decision to admit a student is made, a family will then complete a request for financial assistance, which will be processed and financial aid offers calculated.

While we endeavor to offer financial aid to as many students as possible, our resources are finite and we must make difficult decisions regarding aid offers. A financial aid package one year is not a guarantee of the same level of assistance for the following year or any year thereafter; our Financial Aid Office intends to offer financial assistance to re-enrolling students at the same level if at all possible.

Complete a financial aid application here.  The Grayson School SSS number is 191102.  For assistance, please contact School and Student Services (SSS) at 800-344-8328 or The Grayson School with any questions.