Welcome to our virtual history museum!


Our 6-8 students have worked on independent research and then a final project at the end of Q3 through the beginning of Q4 in social studies class. Most of our focus was on researching and learning how to evaluate sources—but after that part—students were given free rein to make a product of their choice to present their work. 

All the topics are in three main subject categories: Civil War, Reconstruction, or Immigration from our study of the 1800’s in the United States.

The types of products really run the gambit: videos, slides, podcast episodes, historical diaries, coding, online games, and even “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories.

Please enjoy our creativity and hard work!

Ms. Lindsay Andreas

Video exhibit

life (and death) during the civil war exhibit

Death and Dying in the Civil War is a game developed by Quincy who shares: “This game is a game about death and dying, with a sprinkle of random explanation, very random references and very, very random humor, you will see just how many ways there are to die in this environment! The war. More specifically the civil war. So in this, don’t trust your boots, don’t trust your water, and especially don’t trust your friends, anything, almost anything, can kill you in this simulation, through words.”

Choose your own adventure stories

historical model exhibit

Derek has constructed a model of a Civil War submarine called the H.L. Hunley.

Historical Diary Exhibit